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February 2, 2018
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In Austria, a working prototype of a quantum router was created

As the editorial staff of Science Alert writes, a group of specialists from the University of Vienna was able to develop the first ever quantum router and even conducted the first tests of the new device. This is the first device that can not only accept intricate photons, but also transmit them. In addition, the circuit used in the router can become the basis for creating a quantum Internet.

As you know, quantum communication systems work thanks to the properties of quantum entanglement, which provides an incredible level of security of the transmitted data. But at the moment, data can only be forwarded from one user to another. Redirect the flow of information through standard fiber networks is not possible, as they absorb light and thereby destroy entanglement. However, a group of researchers led by Ralf Ridinger managed to create a device that helped overcome these limitations.

Scientists used a frequency of 5.1 GHz, creating 500 silicon resonators, whose vibration frequency allows you to store quantum information. All 500 silicon resonators were tested for the presence of a suitable pair. Only 5 pairs were used, which were placed in the refrigerator, which cooled the resonators to absolute zero. Then they were connected to each other by an optical cable 20 cm long. As the author and development manager, Mr. Ridinger,

“Such nanorouteers are capable of supporting the entangled state of photons, unlike conventional communication networks. We do not see any restrictions that prevent us from increasing it from 20 centimeters to several kilometers and even more. The presented system is scaled to a larger number of devices and can be integrated into a real quantum network. The combination of our results with optical networks capable of transferring quantum information can create a basis for the future of the quantum Internet. “

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