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February 6, 2018
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February 8, 2018

In 2 years Hiroshima will be the first artificial meteor shower

Sometimes the flight of engineering thought does not cease to amaze. We have already seen holograms of long-dead singers performing their hits, helmets of virtual reality, showing incredibly realistic worlds. Automakers even build special cameras with a simulation of weather conditions from the scorching sun of the desert to the snow-covered northern latitudes. But the Japanese experts have aimed at something more ambitious: create an artificial meteor shower, which at the same time will be absolutely safe for observers.

For such an ambitious idea, the company Ale answers. In 2019, a group of researchers plans to launch an own satellite into Earth’s orbit. It will be “charged” with special balls that will be thrown from the spacecraft. These balls are filled with a special substance that, when entering the atmosphere and interacting with it, begins to glow. And a different concentration of substances in the balls will achieve different colors with glow. According to the company Ale, from the surface of our planet, the entry of balls into the atmosphere will look like a meteor shower.

This “light” show will be made in the sky over Hiroshima, but those who will be within a radius of 100 kilometers from this city will be able to watch it. The process itself will not be long: just 10 seconds. During an artificial meteor shower, the balls almost completely burn in the atmosphere and do not pose a danger to people. It is worth noting that the goal of the project is not entertainment of spectators, but conducting an experiment, if successful, it is planned to create a whole network of such satellites that could thus notify people in the event of emergencies or man-made disasters.

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