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February 19, 2018

Tesla launched another energy experiment in Canada

After the successful completion of the project to build an energy storage facility in Australia , Tesla, owned by Ilona Mask, continues to actively develop this area of ​​its business. Not so long ago it became known that it was planned to build a similar store in New York , and now the turn of Canada has come. In Nova Scotia (province in eastern Canada), Tesla plans to build a network of Power Power 2 and Powerpack batteries to store wind power.

The Tesla project should fill in the gaps in the Canadian provincial energy network, because of which part of the wind power generated by the windmills goes to “nowhere”. In addition, it should insure the local population in case the turbine system does not provide electricity, which periodically occurs, despite the efforts of the authorities. The project has already been supported by the Government of Canada, and the first phase of testing should begin already before the end of this month.

Tests of the renewed energy collection and storage system will last until the beginning of 2019. The energy company Nova Scotia Power will monitor the effectiveness of Tesla solutions and, depending on the results of the experiment, will decide whether to recommend the introduction of such technologies throughout Nova Scotia and the rest of the Canadian provinces. During the experiment, only 300 houses will be connected to the system. Of these, to date, only 10 families have Powerwall 2 batteries in their homes. The main purpose of the experiment will be to check whether it is possible to make people’s lives more independent from remote or unstable sources of electricity. The results of the Canadian project will be announced a year later.

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