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February 19, 2018
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February 19, 2018

Ilon Mask to build Hyperloop station in Washington

While the authorities of the rest of the US states are pondering over whether to allow the Mask to dig their tunnels, Washington prefers to act. The other day The Boring Company received permission to conduct preparatory and excavation work near the parking lot next to the National Mall – right here very sooncan The first station for high-speed trains Hyperloop will appear.

Permission for the construction of the station is only the first part of the plan proposed by the Mask to the city department of transport. Now officials are studying the possibility of creating a network of tunnels Hyperloop, but so far it is only a matter of theory – passenger traffic at speeds up to thousands of kilometers per hour has yet to be considered carefully for security.

Representatives of the company confirmed that the site on New York Avenue can really become the first node in the future transport system. Probably, The Boring Company is planning to build its own version of Hyperloop under the city, presented by the designers and engineers of the company last year.

Recall that in late 2017, the Governor of the State of Maryland announced his intention to cooperate with The Boring Company. He confirmed that the company, together with the state authorities, is working on the concept of a high-speed power transmission line that can connect Baltimore and Washington.

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