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Scientists found a way to produce graphene cheaply

  can be called without any exaggeration the “material of the future”. Every now and then we hear how researchers from different countries find for themselves new properties of graphene, opening up for humanity a huge number of tremendous opportunities . The material is a two-dimensional modification of carbon with a thickness of just one atom, which has great mechanical rigidity and record high thermal conductivity. The production of graphene is a very expensive process. However, researchers from Kansas State University managed to create a budgetary way of producing this amazing substance.

Invented a new method for the production of graphene scientist Chris Sorensen. It is based on detonation of carbon-containing materials in a confined space. In other words, we place oxygen inside the strong container, as well as acetylene or gaseous ethylene. Then, using a spark plug, we blow up this mixture, and as a result of this process, graphene forms on the walls of the container. The low cost of this method leaves far behind the existing chemical and mechanical methods of creating graphene.

“We have discovered a very readily available way to set up a process for the production of graphene on an industrial scale,” says Chris Sorensen, “our method has many advantages over existing alternatives. First, it’s very cheap. Secondly, it is possible to build large-scale industrial production of graphene. Thirdly, there is no need to use harmful chemicals. Fourthly, for production, only one spark of the spark plug is needed. “

The new method allowed scientists to produce not milligrams of graphene in the laboratory, but immediately go to whole grams, which is a serious increase in productivity. The most surprising thing in this whole story is that scientists discovered this method quite by accident. During the study of carbon aerosol gels, ignition occurred, which resulted in the researchers obtaining graphene at the output. That’s just a simple accident led to a small, but still revolution in the production of one of the most promising materials of our time.

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