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February 5, 2018
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KT and Verizon held the first ever holographic session

Research in the field of holographic technologies and interfaces has recently become increasingly popular in the scientific community. Despite the fact that the full implementation of holograms in our lives will not happen soon, there is almost no doubt that behind these technologies the future. But it is possible that the future is closer than it seems, as recently the specialists of KT Corporation (one of the largest South Korean mobile operators) together with colleagues from Verizon conducted the first in the history of a holographic session using the capabilities of mobile networks of the standard 5G.

Subscribers participating in such a historic event, were in different parts of the world: in the US and South Korea. For the communication session, special holographic equipment and special software were used to process a huge amount of information in real time. The characteristics of the device and the software for obvious reasons are kept secret. During the “holographic call” was attended by Huang Chang-Kyu, the head of the corporation KT, and Lowell McAdam, president of Verizon.

Another interesting fact is that the holographic device providing the connection was connected to a not very powerful tablet, the most powerful part of which was the 5G communication module. Among other things, this proves that 5G networks do not require high-quality and high-performance devices, while the speed that can be obtained with the 5 th generation communication standard is 100 times higher than the current speeds that LTE provides us.

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