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February 16, 2018
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February 18, 2018

In Japan, the last cassette recorder will come off the assembly line

This is extremely difficult to believe, but some people still use VHS cassette recorders for watching movies. Despite the transition of humanity to formats like DVD, Blu-Ray and other “figures”, especially hardened individuals continue to use their usual cassette devices. But all good things come to an end sooner or later, and in August the last video recorder will come off the Japanese conveyor.

The last company in Japan, which is still producing video recorders, is Funai Electric. According to the authoritative edition of Nikkei, the manufacturer plans to stop its production lines in August 2016. The reasons for this decision, as you already know, are quite obvious. The market of video recorders is negligible, and some components necessary for the production of this electronics are incredibly difficult to acquire today.

Other Japanese electronic giants left this business for quite some time. Sony stopped producing Betamax film cassettes about a year ago, although the last such VCR went off the assembly line in 2002. But Funai did not give up until the last. The company produced tape recorders for Sanyo, and it, in turn, sold them around the world, including the US. Funai released its first video recorder in 1983 and sold an average of 15 million devices a year until recently. Sales for the past year amounted to only 750 000 boxes, it was this sad statistics that led to the cessation of the production of VCRs.

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