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February 18, 2018
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After a 30-year hiatus Sony resumed production of vinyl records

Vinyl records are again at the peak of their popularity. Their sales continue to grow steadily throughout the world and in 2017 reached a peak since the late 80’s. Retro is attractive not only for its aesthetics, but also for the unique sound that audiophiles so highly appreciate. Yes, and feel in the hands of a vinyl record much nicer than listening to music purchased in a cloud service like iTunes. All this pushes the biggest manufacturers to reconsider their policy regarding vinyl. The Japanese corporation Sony, for example, decided to resume the production of records after a nearly 30-year hiatus.

Production of vinyl records will be launched in March 2018 at the factory division of Sony Music Entertainment in the Japanese prefecture of Shizuoka. The last record produced by Sony came off the assembly line in 1989. This happened, which is not surprising, against the backdrop of strengthening market positions of a new format of data carriers CD. CDs were developed and released with the direct involvement of Sony, and first went on sale in 1982. Even then, many experts understood that the century of vinyl is gradually coming to an end. But, as time showed, this is not so.

Increasing popularity of vinyl records has led to the fact that electronics manufacturers rushed to release modern turntable players. And what extravagant devices can be found today in the market, right up to those where the plate levitates over the player’s case. Or a compact player that can be thrown into a backpack and taken with you wherever you go. Sales of vinyl records in Japan over the past seven years have grown almost eight times to 799,000 copies per year. In the US, this figure is 17.2 million copies. What is noteworthy, last year in the UK, more records were sold than digital albums.

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