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February 15, 2018
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February 17, 2018

Camera Kinect arranged for work in a supermarket

Modern stores are fashionable and important. Not so long ago, Amazon opened a retail store without vendors, cashiers and other anachronisms, and now one more high-tech store with augmented reality has arrived. Professor Carlo Ratti developed the concept of the store so that people, according to him, could not just go in and buy the first thing that came their hands on, and get a good idea of ​​the assortment, learn more about the product, find out how useful it is, and then and take it to the cashier.

To do this, all products are arranged according to the ingredients. The grapes, for example, lie next to the wine and raisins, and next to the canned vegetables lie fresh. Over all counters there are long displays. It is enough to bring to them the product of interest to you, like the motion sensors and the Microsoft Kinect sensor, it will be immediately recognized, and then will provide the necessary information about the product, show nutritional value, indicate the presence of allergens, if any, show how it is produced and inform on the use of pesticides.

Care for health and self-education is important, even if you are currently shopping, and not reading a book on gardening. However, there is another point: Kinect is a device from 2011, and while you are happy to read about the production of mozzarella, you may come up with the idea of ​​buying something else. Science is a science, but this is business – nothing personal.

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