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How to build an IP video surveillance system

When it comes to video surveillance, many start to get scared, presenting huge server-side, complexity of installation and the final cost of this system. Therefore, customers begin to save, which undoubtedly affects the quality and functionality of video surveillance. On how to save money, but at the same time get a full-fledged monitoring system, we will tell you today.

The segment of IP-video surveillance has been developing for several years, and by this year the technologies have reached serious heights, and the prices for IP-cameras have decreased several times. In general, IP cameras are computers in miniature, with a processor, RAM and operating system. They transmit the signal digitally, so they do not have the limitations inherent in other formats. But do not be mistaken and say that IP-video surveillance is an expensive pleasure. Often, installers of such systems save and install the customer free software that comes with IP cameras. Naturally, all this limits the capabilities of the system and calls into question its reliability.

But analog systems, which have been used for many years, can easily be replaced with IP, without going beyond the budget, and at the same time to get a more functional system. For example – good cameras cost 5-6 thousand rubles, eight-channel video recorder – another 23 thousand rubles. The cost of such a system with seven cameras will be 60 thousand rubles. But if you replace six cameras with three with a higher resolution and a wider viewing angle, use a four-channel IP-DVR and a PoE switch – the cost will be the same, but the system will be better, besides saving on cable and installation work.

The company-developer of Macroscop offers software for IP-cameras, as well as NVRs – ready-made software and hardware solutions for the simple construction of a professional video system. The software allows you to build a system from one to an infinite number of any IP cameras. Everything is easily designed, configured and maintained, there are even customers for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The advantage of Macroscop is that the program works with almost any IP camera – you can choose the favorite brand and model and use it. But most importantly – Macroscop has a simple and intuitive interface with great functionality.

We decided to try, as things stand, by testing the software ourselves. To do this, we got acquainted with the Macros web client and installed a full complex on Windows. The demo version of the program allows you to use intelligent modules (face detection, object interception, interactive search and inter-camera tracking, heat map, PTZ control, tracking and visitor counting) and watch the archive synchronously across all channels. The only restrictions are that the reception of video streams is suspended after 1 hour after the program is started (restart is required), the maximum archive size is 4 gigabytes, maximum up to 400 IP cameras can be configured in the system.

While a demo version is installed on the computer, you can familiarize yourself with the interface in the web client and view the archive on one channel on the cameras from the server Macroscop.

The menu for managing the program is located on the left side of the screen. In the “Settings” section we open the service program – “Configurator”. In it you can see the list of cameras, change settings or configure a new camera. In the section “Servers” it is possible to connect servers to the system, configure the path of the archive, allow viewing from mobile devices and so on.

The “Users and groups” section is used to administer the system, and in the “Views” menu you can select the grid, channels, and configure the automatic grid change. For example, if you have 20 cameras, or first you need to monitor the cameras at the entrance, and only then in the building.

Once the configurator is sorted out, you can proceed to the observation. Access to the archive is conveniently implemented – it is possible to view it in real time, without removing from the screen the image from other IP-cameras. There are also viewing reports and a lot of individual settings that will help to make everything for a specific user. For example, display the main cameras. Using the Macroscop software is really convenient!

Macroscop is still developing intelligent modules: for example, inter-camera tracking and interactive search by signs, a heat map of traffic intensity and visitor counting. Also the company implements the modules for recognition of car numbers and persons. With the help of additional intelligent modules it is possible to build an intelligent and functional system.

On the developer’s site, you can make a request for your project – you will need only a brief description, and then specialists will calculate the required server capacity and the final cost. The products of Macroscop are used by such companies as Sberbank, Lukoil, KIA and others, but the company also helps to ensure security in small and medium-sized businesses. You can try this link .

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